DHRA Minutes. April 2023

Posted in on the 06 May 2023

Meeting Date:
18 April, 2023 12:30 pm

Meeting Location:

Andrew Neale (chairman)
Mark Dennis (treasurer)
Sally Minto (communications)
Teddy Bourne
Patrick O’Connor (traffic working group)
Jonathan Morris
Redding Thompson (refuse at 1a to 4 DH)
Peter Tausig
Stephen Grosz
Linda Parsonage (membership)

Patricia Morison
Tony Gordon-James
Ian Thompson

  1. Street Refuse
  • Andrew and Redding reported on work to improve rubbish matter in front of 1a to 4 DH. 
  • Contact made with owner of alleyway downhill from Keats Practice (who is not the owner of building with offending practices) which may be able to house bins 
  • Contact made with freeholder of the building housing Airbnb’s which might be the offender 
  • PO contacted the Airbnb manager to request assistance 
  • Fire risk assessment completed to confirm alleyway could work to store bins 
  • Request in to freeholder of building to get names of long leaseholders 
  • Everyman (commercial tenant) has changed times it puts out rubbish so foxes no longer have nighttime access 
  • TB suggested a possible enclosure on pavement in front of building. That will be included in the list of options 
  • Agreed by all that we provide freeholder of the building a suggested storage design in alleyway and a short period to fix matters 
  • LP noted increased rubbish issues at DH end near Heath as well as stolen wheelies bins 
  • DHRA to liaise with Cllr Stephen Stark
  1. Traffic issues
  • PO and MD have had good conversation with Camden Traffic department 
  • Camden presently working under Nov 2022 budget that lasts for two years 
  • There is provision for safety studies but no infrastructure changes in the present budget 
  • Conversations have been had with other neighborhood groups in the East Heath- Downshire Hill – Rosslyn hill Triangle so that a solution does not just move problems around.  This is good collaborative progress 
  • AN advised HNF new air quality survey has shown hot spots in SEG and East End Road , with pollutants well above legal maxima.
    PO informed others of a Community Speed Watch Group.  There is concern that any anecdotal reporting by such a group will undermine the proper data collection needed by Camden 
  • MD noted that now is the time to continue developing draft fixes that could be implemented in the next 2-year budget 
  1. Planning update
  • 12B Keats Grove – planning approved and scheme and scheme , after redesign , had broad support from KG neighbours 
  • 12 Pilgrim’s Lane permit approved despite objections 
  • Police station buildings development progressing
    • Stables being renovated by Todd Berman after planning permission secured 
    • House next to station will likely be developed retaining façade but all new structure behind 
    • Police station itself likely to be commercial ground floor with flats above, formal consultations awaited 
  1. Security
  • SM’s car has been recovered but with severe internal damage 
  • Anecdotal info indicates that car theft and burglary are on the increase locally
  • Street patrol was suggested again but with mixed reaction 
  • AN suggested that we engage with the Safer Neighborhoods Forum 
  1. Treasurer’s report
  • Nothing to report 
  1. Membership 
  • No update but LP will be happy to try to engage with long leaseholders of flats in 1a to 4 DH if we can get contact info as part of dealing with the rubbish matter 
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