DHRA Minutes. April 2024

Posted in on the 31 May 2024

Meeting Date:
11 April, 2024 6:30 pm

Meeting Location:
13 Downshire Hill

Andrew Neale (Chairman)
Mark Dennis (Treasurer)
Teddy Bourne
Peter Tausig
Linda Parsonage (membership)
Stephen Gross
Redding Thompson
Patricia Morison (secretary)
Ian Thompson (Web)

Sally Minto
Patrick O’Connor

  1. Planning

A. 14A Keats Grove. On behalf of DHRA, Andrew had written to object in principle, and make detailed objections. The proposed scheme threatens Protected Open Space. It is concerning that it should have been allowed to proceed so far. Many neighbours have objected. 

B. Hampstead former Police Station.  DHRA appreciates the detailed consultations with the developer, James Frost. In principle the proposed scheme is satisfactory: five residences, offices and medical accommodation. 

The outstanding issue is a large rear terrace at the upper level. Objections have been lodged by DH residents at 50, 51, and also by adjoining properties. The terrace will encroach on DH properties with the risk of over-looking, noise and light pollution. Andrew had discussed possible amelioration measures with the developer. DHRA will now object on behalf of affected residents. Heath & Hampstead Society will be informed. 

53, 54 Downshire Hill. Stables Building behind the former Police Station.  Two new dwellings proposed DHRA has not objected to the scheme. Neighbours have made  objections on the grounds of light pollution and general over-development.

  1. Street Refuse

The long-running refuse problem seems to have improved lately. The manager at Adam Kay’s office is being helpful.

DH residents are recommended to report rubbish on the street to the council via the App, Love Clean Streets.

  1. Freemasons Arms

Camden Council has been considering late night opening as standard licensing hours. Mark has been advised by the pub management that late night opening would not be commercially viable for the Freemasons’  Arms.  Currently there are no issues with the pub. Despite a late-hours permission on New Year’s Eve, there had been no disturbance.

  1. Traffic working group

Mark reported significant progress. The ‘Triangle’ of streets, East Heath, Frognal, Keats Grove and DH, which are collaborating on formulating issues relating to traffic. Camden have given £25,000 to PLA road consultants with a brief to investigate problems, consult, and produce proposals eventually to be submitted to Camden. Mark and Paddy have written to brief PLA on what DH wants to achieve. PLA will hold Open Days to hear views. They will submit their report in August. 

Residents are asked to record any road traffic incidents involving cars or pedestrians, by posting on the DH WhatsApp. This will help the WG.  

The WG has written to Camden about various measures, such as repainting 20 mph road marking. 

  1. Treasurer’s report. Funds of £464.00. 
  1. Membership. Mark thanked Linda Parsonage for her zeal in contacting residents. 95% of residents are now members. Most are on the DH WhatsApp. Linda is in regular touch with several residents who do not want to use it.
  1. Summer Party and AGM. The date will be 30 June. Andrew will approach Tom Watts, Vicar of St John’s, about using the church hall and garden.


Tom Watts was happy for it to be hosted at St John’s, but the proposed time conflicted with a service. Freemasons downstairs meeting room is now booked for 6.30pm Sunday 30th June, for the AGM with the garden party following. This ensures we have a facility suitable for any wet weather, but allows us to use the gardens for the party otherwise .

  1. AOB. There is a significantly greater risk of falling trees due to intense rain, winds, and periods of drought. Residents are reminded to have trees checked. Patricia reported that a dangerous tree at 28 was efficiently dealt with in 24 hours by Harrison tree surgeons. If a tree is not dangerous, tree surgeons must first seek permission from the Council Tree Officer.

Nicola and Teddy have concerns about a gingko tree and will revert.

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