DHRA Minutes. June 2015

Posted in on the 15 June 2015

Meeting Date:
7 June, 2015 12:00 am

Stephen Ainger
Bob Buhr
Andrew Neill
Nicki Sinclair
Tony Gordon-James
Peter Freeman
Mark Dennis

Margaret Rodgers
Patricia Robbins
Redding Thompson

  1. AGM

Approximately 40 members attended the AGM held at the Freemasons Arms last month. It continues to be an important opportunity to bring members together in order to discuss issues or concerns affecting all residents in the street.

  1. Rubbish issue

There has been considerable improvement with regard to the “rubbish issue” on the pavement adjacent to no. 1-2 Downshire Hill thanks to the tireless efforts of AN. The employees at the Everyman office appear to have finally acknowledged that they are, to a large part, responsible for much of the problem. The issue continues to be monitored both by AN and by the Council.

  1. Gas/Water main replacement

There is no new date for the commencement of the gas/water main work that had been scheduled for last month. The sewer work in the road outside the Church is expected to be completed in two weeks.

  1. Neighbourhood Plan

There continues to be a lack of information with respect to the details relating to the plans for the re-development of the Police Station/Magistrates Court.

There are concerns that the issue relating to the closure of the left turn slip-road from Pond Street into South End Green/South End Road may be raised again in the near future. The closure of that slip-road would have a serious impact on Downshire Hill as it would inevitably divert traffic from Pond Street and into Downshire Hill in order to enter East Heath Road/South End Road. Members will need to be alert to any talk/information about this issue, particularly as it is a closure favoured by many in South End Green. The DHRA should be ready to campaign against any such proposal if it is indeed made.

  1. No. 9 DH

The re-development work at no. 9 Downshire Hill is expected to be completed by this September

  1. Summer garden party

The DHRA Summer garden party will be hosted by Margaret Rodgers at Hampstead Hill Mansions on Sunday 13 th September 2015 (6-00pm-800pm).

  1. Membership subscriptions & e-mail addresses

The collecting of the £10 subscription agreed at the AGM and the updating of the list of members e-mail addresses should be completed by the next meeting.

  1. Next Committee meeting

The next Committee meeting will be held on Sunday 5 th July 2015.

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