DHRA Minutes. Late March 2016

Posted in on the 20 March 2016

Meeting Date:
20 March, 2016 6:30 pm

Stephen Ainger (Chairman)
Sophie Marple
Nicky Sinclair
Redding Thompson
Andrew Neale
Patricia Morison
Ruth Walton (Hampstead Hill Gardens)

The Old Police Station/Abacus Primary School development proposal

The committee reviewed developments since the first meeting of the DHRA School Subcommittee on 13 March, and the Extraordinary General Meeting of DHRA and other affected streets on 9 March.

The committee welcomed Ruth Walton.

Two draft letters were circulated. It was agreed that one letter to be sent to the governors of Abacus. The other letter to Camden chief planning officer, councillors and other offices, . The letters set out the objections [see previous Minutes], the principal one being that whereas a school of 210 is acceptable, DHRA does not accept that the school should be 420 pupils,.

No progress had been made with the Education Funding Agency. This body appears to be uncontactable and secretive. Hence the timetable for the school’s submission to the planners is still unknown. It may be within three weeks. Therefore there is a degree of urgency in marshalling our case. Andrew will continue to try for a meeting with EFA via Maddox Associates, the school’s planning consultants. Stephen has asked, via a Government web site for an EFA contact. An early reply is not expected!

Historic England and English Heritage will be made aware. Andrew pointed out that the plans as they currently stand contravene local planning policies on many points.

Traffic. The Council had laid cables recording traffic movements at junctions by the school for only a short time this term. They did not record data in scholl holidays. (Camden has been asked to release this data. They have not responded, but it will be in the planning application.)

The committee believes Camden can gather sufficiently accurate and relevant data without surveying traffic during holidays/out of school hours. This data is important evidence for our case that the school will be bad for traffic in DH and surrounding streets. It was agreed that Andrew should appoint traffic consultants right away but to a maximum cost of less than one thousand pounds

Funds are needed, immediately for the traffic consultants. The eventual cost of objecting to the scheme might be £10,000 but full cost not known yet. Stephen will write to update residents of DH and the other streets, and explain the need for contributions. Committee members to follow up with doorstep requests, which has been effective in the past.

This will need to be discussed again at future meetings Sophie pointed out that the school will probably need barriers on the pavement and a zebra crossing to protect pupils and parents at the proposed main entrance on Downshire Hill. This point to be made to councillors. It was also the case that parking bays will be reduced.

The meeting adjourned at 7.30 pm.

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