DHRA Minutes. November 2016

Posted in on the 01 December 2016

Meeting Date:
27 November, 2016 6:00 pm

Meeting Location:
Downshire Hill

Stephen Ainger (chairman)
Andrew Neale
Fiona Clutterbuck
Peter Tausig
Redding Thompson
Patricia Morrison.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.
  1. BT Box

A BT Infinity box had been installed, after many years waiting and chasing. The committee was glad service would at last be improved, but noted that it was ugly, being badly placed in the middle of the pavement. (The Virgin box is discreet.) Andrew to ask Camden why there had been no consultation.

  1. ERUV update.

Stephen had heard nothing since August, when he spoke to the Council who said they were still considering site by site.

  1. Basement construction.

Stephen had been asked to give a statement regarding DHRA’s view on the basement issue, with regard to the proposed Camden Management Plan.

It is proposed that Camden planning department, when giving planning, insist that a s106 is included which has, as a condition, that a Construction Management Plan (CMP), with a full construction sequence ,must be submitted to the council and approved before construction can start and that this CMP is only complete if it includes final party wall agreements with all affected neighbours. It appears that Camden was against this policy but the inspector listened and was considering her position.

  1. Rubbish at the top of the street.

Rubbish was still being left at the top of the street. Andrew continues to monitor but has been otherwise engagemd with the school. He will again send photographs to the Council and ask whether bins could be constructed. Tenants are allowed to dump on the street, within strictly defined times but this continued to be abused by a minority.

  1. Keats Medical Practice.

Rubbish continues to clutter the frontage. In addition, an unsightly banner about flu jabs had been strung along the railings. Redding will write to the practice manager, Dr Sheldon, to see whether things can be improved.

  1. Police Station redevelopment.

A letter to Stephen and Andrew from the Education Funding Agency (28/10/16; in response to Stephen’s letter. 24/9/16) was circulated. It appears that the EFA was taking stock, following the refusal of planning consent for the Abacus Primary School. If they concluded that no other site is available they advised that their delivery team would then ask to meet the DHRA subcommittee to find out if new proposals could be acceptable.

Stephen will reply, reiterating that while an early meeting is desirable, it should be before the EFA decides whether to pursue a site at the police station as nothing can change the fundamentals and a school of 420 is just unacceptable.

It was noted that an appeal must be lodged within 6 months of the determination;objectors then have 20 days. DHRA would go for a Rule 6 party to put our case. (The DHRA subcommittee would contact everyone previously involved.)

A statement outlining the situation will be circulated to the street, with a breakdown of the expenditure to date from the contributions generously made to the fighting fund against the school.

  1. Summer Party

The committee recorded grateful thanks to Margaret Rodgers for once again hosting the garden party, which had been well attended. The horn duet was particularly appreciated.

P Morrison

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