DHRA Minutes. September 2015

Posted in on the 06 September 2015

Meeting Date:
6 September, 2015 7:00 pm

Stephen Ainger
Bob Buhr
Fiona Neale
Patricia Robins
Tony Gordon-James
Peter Freeman
Redding Thompson
Mark Dennis.

Margaret Rodgers

  1. DHRA garden party

Formal invitations to the DHRA garden party on Sunday 20 th September 2015 will be delivered over the next two days. It was agreed that all residents of Downshire Hill (i.e. including non-members) should be invited.

  1. Camden basement survey

All residents are reminded of the Camden survey on basements. This is a very important survey in which Camden are belatedly seeking to address the problem of basement development gather across the borough. It is important for everyone in the borough that Camden is made fully aware of Camden residents own experience of the negative/harmful consequences of basement developments as well as their general views and concerns about such developments.

The survey can be found on the following link: and then choose the consultation hub and chose basement survey .
I am afraid the dead-line for comments on the survey is Wednesday 16 th September 2015.
All members are urged to respond to the survey by that date.

  1. Rubbish issue

The “rubbish issue” relating to the pavement area adjacent to no.1-2 Downshire Hill is still causing some concern albeit there has been an improvement on the situation. The problem at the moment is a lack of consistency by those who have been causing the problem, notwithstanding the efforts that have been made on behalf of the DHRA to ensure that they address the issue.

The situation will need to be reviewed again for discussion at the next Committee meeting.

  1. Gas main replacement

Camden failed to give adequate notice of the parking restriction imposed for the gas main work in late August for the stretch of road between no.16 and the Freemasons. This resulted in a number of residents receiving parking tickets on the first morning of the restriction. It might assist any individual challenge to such penalty tickets if it could be shown exactly how many residents were affected, thereby demonstrating the unfairness of the lack of due notice. Would any resident so affected let the Committee know at the earliest opportunity.

  1. Traffic management in Downshire Hill

Julian & Nicki Sinclair are applauded for their determined effort to persuade Camden to manage the acute traffic problem that would otherwise have again caused enormous difficulties for residents on the occasion of the South End Green Summer Fair.
Steps will need to be taken to ensure that such traffic management arrangements are automatically put into place by Camden whenever there are similar road closures which would divert traffic along Downshire Hill.
Ideas are sought from all DHRA residents as to how best to manage the general traffic problem in Downshire Hill. This would include re-visiting the work done by the DHRA when the Association was first set up. It is felt that the attitude of Camden/the neighbourhood may have changed sufficiently over the past 10 years or so to bring about a change to the traffic flow/direction as originally proposed by the DHRA and then supported by the majority of residents in Downshire Hill.

  1. Next Committee meeting

The next Committee meeting will be held on Sunday 4th October 2015 .

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