Downshire Hill Residents’ Association

Constitution adopted on 15 May 2002


The aims of the Association are;-

  • To advise and support members of the Association collectively in the promotion and protection of their concerns in the Area.
  • To foster a sense of Community in the Area.
  • To endeavour to reflect the views of the Area’s residents.

The interests of the member of the Association are taken to include;- public services and amenities, planning and development and conservation, traffic, parking and safety issues.

The area shall be Downshire Hill.

The Association will not align itself with any political party.


Membership will be open to all residents of the Area who accept the constitution of the Association and pay an annual subscription to the Treasurer at a rate determined by the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Officers and Committee

The officers of the Association shall consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, who shall be chosen by the committee from among its own members. The day to running of the Association will be in the hands of the Committee of up to twelve elected members and up to four co-opted members. The elected members of the committee shall be elected at an AGAM of the association. All contests for position shall be by ballot at the AGM.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to fill casual vacancies amongst the twelve elected members and also co-opt up to four further members.

Five elected or co-opted members of the committee shall constitute a Forum. Members who have been absent without notice from three consecutive meetings may be asked to stand down from the Committee. All members of the Committee shall stand down at the AGM but will be eligible for re-election.

The Committee shall have the power to carry out the aims of the Association and may delegate these powers to the officers and other members of the Committee as it sees fit. The Committee may form sub committees as necessary.

The Committee shall meet at least three times in any calendar year.

General Meetings

An AGM will be held annually in the spring of each year with at least three weeks notice to members.

The business of the AGM shall be.

  • To receive a report from the Chair on the activities of the Association and the Committee over the preceding year.
  • To receive for approval a financial statement and report from the trearuer.
  • To elect from nominations received by the secretary no less than two days prior to the meeting for the following twelve months.
  • To review the constitution.

A minimum of 10 members shall have the right to require the Committee to call a General Meeting of the Association with a minimum of three weeks notice to members. The Committee may also call a General Meeting of the Association as it sees fit.

Constitution Created:
May 2002

December 2015

DHRA Committee

Andrew Neale (Chair)
Stephen Ainger
Teddy Bourne
Bob Buhr
Christabel Dennis (Membership Secretary)
Mark Dennis (Treasurer)
Tony Gordon James
Tony Liefer
Sophie Marple
Sally Minto
Patricia Morison
Fiona Neale
Margaret Rodgers
Nicola Sinclair
Peter Tausig
Redding Thompson

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