DHRA Minutes. January 2020

Posted in on the 21 January 2020

Meeting Date:
21 January, 2021 7:00 pm

Meeting Location:
26 Downshire Hill

Sally Minto
Andrew Neale

Nicola Sinclair- forwarded additional information covered as further agenda items

  1. Minutes of last meeting/ matters arising.

Minutes circulated. No objections.
Thanks to Patricia for the preparation of these.
Please note that for the time being Patricia is unavailable for the role of Secretary.

  1. HPS / Abacus Planning update

Reasons for refusal have now been published.
There is an expectation that the applicants will appeal.
HCRD are taking up various matters with the planners, and will be directly involved at any hearing.
Contact has been made with DfE and alternative sites are being identified and promoted.
Sally will continue to present facts and sensible reasoning on the Mumsnet platform to counter ill informed commentary.

  1. Expenditure/ funds HPS

Mark is finalizing the accounts. Funds should be in place to reimburse H&HS the due proportion QC fees.
In the event of an appeal by the applicants a separate fund raising exercise will be undertaken.

  1. 4B Hampstead Hill Gardens application

The above scheme is of concern to residents of Hampstead Hill Gardens. Where appropriate DHRA should provide backing to neighbouring associations. Individual members should object if they feel this is appropriate, and DHRA will object to schemes that have a negative bearing on DH and take into account those that affect the wider conservation area.

  1. Refuse/Fly Tipping update

Matters appear to have improved. There are set days for collection from the AirB&B properties. Redding, who monitors the situation closely and liaises with Camden is currently away.

  1. Healthy School Streets Zone Implementation

We understand that this initiative is approved by Camden and will be implemented. Further advice and traffic impact on neighbouring areas will be reported at the next meeting.

  1. Local Policing update

There has been a spate of car break ins and a stolen car incident involving the keys being stolen from a house. Police have been known to close cases immediately unless there is any direct evidence, such as blood samples, following the smashing of side windows.
House security measures including path lighting responding to movement, plus intermittent automated house lights while away, are recommendations.
Sally has suggested we review the possibility of private security services. Views welcome.

  1. Membership. New residents

Mark believes we have a reasonable overview. We wish to encourage outreach to new neighbour’s as well as suggesting attendance at meetings.

  1. AOB

Additional items from Nicola

  1. South End Green

There are still proposals in play to create a landscaped ‘piazza’ area incorporating the slip road. This involve the bus stand moving to Fleet Road and a mini-roundabout at the bottom of Pond St.
It would use the entire Hampstead CIL allocation with no contribution from Gospel Oak, the relevant Ward. This is unlikely to garner sufficient support given the above two factors. Historically DHRA has resisted changes that would have the effect of transferring additional traffic to DH. It is important to continue monitoring developments and make appropriate representations.

  1. Electric Car Chargers.

Views are sought on provision within DH and whether we should be proactive on this matter.

Next Meeting
7pm Tuesday 3rd March at 26 Downshire Hill

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