DHRA Minutes. February 2022

Posted in on the 31 March 2022

Meeting Date:
17 February, 2022 6:00 pm

Meeting Location:

Andrew Neale (Chairman)
Mark Dennis (treasurer)
Patricia Morison (secretary)
Christabel Dennis
Redding Thompson
Teddy Bourne
Tony Gordon-James
Sally Minto
Peter Tausig

  1. Redevelopment of Murphy’s Yard site

It was agreed that the application for this site, on the south side of Hampstead Heath, should be opposed in its present form, by virtue of its over-density, lack of amenity space, and excessive height which affects the amenity of the Heath. Andrew will send a letter of objection on behalf of the DHRA. In addition, individual letters of objection should be sent by DH residents.

  1. 12B Keats Grove

The current consultation scheme has been the subject of amicable discussions between Steven Bobasch and the developer. DH properties are affected by the rear element of the proposal which sits in the landscape triangle. Post Meeting Note: Andrew has corresponded with the owner who will provide the necessary additional information.

  1. Former Hampstead Police Station

The stable building has been sold and a residential conversion scheme within the current envelope proposed. We have no objection in principle: it helps preclude excess development of the remainder of the site. Details of the proposal will be scrutinised when available.

Post Meeting Note: Tod Berman has submitted a Listed Building application 2022/0624/L. An associated planning application is next on the Camden website. Please do view the application and make any comments by 4 April.

  1. Traffic consultation group

Mark reported that the consultation group will shortly circulate a second traffic questionnaire to residents. The aim is to establish the general will of the street as to what might be done to improve the traffic situation. The committee will approach residents’ associations in neighbouring streets to gauge their attitudes to traffic.

Camden Council is involved in a plan to possibly make heavily trafficked Chetwynd Road one-way. Generally, it appears the Council is keen to reduce traffic volume and speed across the borough. 5. Security

Nobody had any issues to report. Now that people are once again more freely going on holiday, residents should keep an eye out for the safety of neighbours’ properties, and generally ensure that their own safety measures are adequate.

A scooter park has been created at the Heath end of the street. It has a temporary license. If residents encounter any problems, they should report them.

  1. Street refuse

Committee members again considered ways to solve the never-ending problem of rubbish at the top of the street. There is one possible area for storing refuse bins: Andrew has written to the owner of the site in question. Another possibility could be to erect a fox-proof structure on the street outside Killicks. Redding has again been active, contacting the Keats Group Practice manager, also the owner of the Air BnB property which generates rubbish because there is no dustbin provision.

  1. DHRA Treasurer’s report

It was agreed that it would be appropriate for every household to be asked for a membership contribution of £10.

Linda Parsonage has kindly agreed to be Membership Secretary. She will sign up new members and compile an email list, which will improve communication.

  1. AOB

It was agreed that it will suffice for the DHRA committee to meet roughly every three months.

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