DHRA Minutes. September 2022

Posted in on the 05 October 2022

Meeting Date:
20 September, 2022 6:30 pm

Meeting Location:

Andrew Neale (chairman)
Mark Dennis (treasurer)
Sally Minto (communications)
Patricia Morison (secretary)
Ian Thompson (webmaster)
Teddy Bourne
Patrick O’Connor (traffic working group)
Dr Camilla Harding.

  1. Traffic issues

(i) Traffic working party

Paddy O’Connor reported. Following the first survey of residents’ views (reported at the 2021 AGM), a second survey had been taken. A detailed report will be given at the next AGM on 5th October.

45 responses had been received, from houses down the length of the street. 40 favoured the introduction of some form of one-way system.

A useful consultation had been held with four neighbouring Residents Associations. Streets involved included Keats Grove, Pilgrim, Willoughby, Windmill Hill, Christchurch Hill and Gayton Rd. The overall picture is one of great discontent with the traffic situation. Residents Associations welcome the idea of a joint initiative to rethink traffic provision. 

The next steps are: to produce a template questionnaire for the use of other RAs: to approach Camden Council to initiate the search for a global solution. The relevant area is a triangle comprising of Downshire Hill, East Heath Road, Heath St/Rosslyn Hill. South End Green is not within this zone and has its own issues. 

It was noted that Councillor Stephen Stark has again been helpful and proactive. 

(ii) South End Green proposed road changes

Andrew reported on the proposed road changes. They include a swept radius at the bottom of Pond Street permitting a left turn essential to avoid potential traffic transfer to Downshire Hill.

The committee approved the traffic working group’s cautiously supportive draft response on behalf of Downshire Hill residents, which will be sent to the Council traffic planning department. The key point is that any increase in volume or speed of traffic through DH resulting from traffic changes at SEG would be unacceptable. Any analysis of the traffic implications should therefore be publicly disclosed, so that they can be considered during the consultation. DH should also be consulted about any special traffic arrangements proposed during the works for the improvements.

In response to a question, it is unknown what the impact will be on the mature trees at SEG.

  1. Planning update
  • 12B Keats Grove –  planning process ongoing. It is understood that Keats Grove immediate neighbours are satisfied with the scheme following detailed negotiations with the owner.
  • 8 Pilgrims Lane – Andrew had objected at residents’ request, objecting on multiple grounds. It is undesirable for every gap in Pilgrims Lane to be infilled, destroying the conservation areas balance and character.
  • Former Hampstead police station. The stables have been purchased by Todd Berman, and a residential planning application submitted (post meeting note: scheme approved). The Rosslyn Hill side building was separately sold to a prospective residential occupier. There is no further news regarding the police station main building, but Andrew is keeping track of developments, and hopes to report further at the AGM. 
  1. Security

Thefts of cars from the street happen fairly regularly, as do thefts from cars. Residents are reminded not to leave anything visible.

  1. Street Refuse

Andrew and Redding met the council’s refuse officer outside 3 DH. Subsequently, occupiers of the property on the corner of DH and Rosslyn Hill (upper stories accessed from DH) have been advised to place their refuse for collection on Rosslyn Hill.  This significantly improved matters. However, measures proposed for off-street refuse facilities to the commercial property parade are not implemented. Redding is in the process of encouraging the owners to address this. If this is not successful a refuse enclosure on the pavement forecourt will be explored. However, the tendency is for such facilities to be a magnet for illegitimate refuse dumping.

  1. Treasurer’s report

Linda Parsonage, the new membership secretary, is making sterling progress with the membership drive, going door to door. Linda collects the membership fee of £10, and updates email addresses.

She also reminds residents about the street WhatsApp group. Names of residents who do not want to be on the WhatsApp will be noted, in case of there being an urgent communication, which could then be sent by email.  

Sally Minto is in charge of communications: people should send her their mobile phone number to join. DHRA Minutes will be posted on the WhatsApp. They continue to be put on the DHRA website 

  1. Noise from the Freemasons Arms

There had been some disturbances and noise, but Mark reported that the new manager is responsive. The plan is to change the pub’s ambience, stop it being raucous, and attract local clientele with better food and service.

  1. Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 5th October

As before, the AGM will be at the Freemasons Arms at 6.30 pm The annual party will take place afterwards. It was not possible to have a summer party this year, but it is hoped to hold one next year.


Ian Thompson has researched the history of Downshire Hill. His survey of the notable history and buildings will be posted on the DHRA website.  Ian was thanked for his contribution as webmaster.

It was pointed out that to keep the DHRA up to date, and to encourage community spirit, people should contact new neighbours and inform them of the WhatsApp group and DHRA.

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