Funding Update. November 2016

Posted in on the 10 November 2016

December 2016 Financial summary to date of Police Station campaign

Donations from Downshire Hill, Keats Grove, Hampstead Hill Gardens and Haverstock Hill.

Donations of £1000 and above£19,500
Donations of between £500 and £999£4,700
Donations of up to £499£1.600
Total Donations£25,800


Noise consultants (Ion Accoustics)£792.00
Planning consultants (Harwood Savin ltd)£10,890.00
Heritage consultants (Asset Heritage)£2687.40
Envrionmental Report ( Souhwest Environmental ltd)£1008.00
MV. Webster (Education Facilities)£560.00
JMP Consultants (Traffic)£2149.61
Total Expenditure£18,087.01

The above means we have £7712.99 of funds remaining. The school has not yet indicated what it intends to do next but has told us that it is once again considering the potential for other sites as well as the grounds of the Camden planning refusal. Under planning law it has until February to appeal so it has plenty of time yet.

As we have stated previously, the intention is to retain the additional funds until it is clear what the next steps will be. If the school appeals then we will need to appoint experts and also consider hiring legal representation and will need all the remaining funds and more. If the funds are not needed then, as we have stated before, the intention is to return, pro rata, any surplus funds to those that gave £1000 or more to the campaign.

As always if there are any questions please drop a note round to number 8 and thanks again for all the support.

S D Ainger
Chair DHRA

M Dennis
Treasurer DHRA

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